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We think ZootFresh (www.ZootFresh.com) has the most unique and neatest and easiest USB power port you can put on your bike.

But what do real customers actually say (these are taken from actual Amazon customer product reviews and ZootFresh company feedback) -

“I’ve been looking for a SAE to USB charger for my motorcycle for some time now and this was exactly what I wanted.” -Jason C. from Maryland.

"I was impressed by the overall well-made & designed part. It looks like it will be perfect! Very grateful that something like this is available now!" Joseph D. from Michigan.

"Excellent, must have piece of equipment for any rider!

Works like a charm, attach to quick connect from battery, plugged in my android cable and attached phone and presto....I know have a charger on my motorcycle, and can keep my phone GPS running on my trip to Upstate New York in 2 weeks! Got it in 3 days !"
-Marc G from Massachusetts.

“This product works great. It eliminates the bulk of a cigarette lighter adapter, making it possible to have a streamlined look by hiding your charging cable.” -Nino P. from Ohio.

“This motorcycle phone charger is the easiest and best way to charge my iPhone I have ever found. I have had this for over 6 months and use it everyday. I have been looking for this for years.” -Mike N. from Texas.

If that's not enough, this product was designed in Texas. The plastic case is made in Wisconsin, and the final assembly is done in the USA!
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