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Dealers will regularly tell you that buyers want "stock" bikes. And are NOT willing to pay for your customizing. So, how much do you want that custom paint job? If you are doing it for you to enjoy, GREAT. If you want to get your money back from the paint job, DON'T count on it. You may not.

What does that mean. Well, if you're going to have the bike for 3 or 4 years, you'll have a long time to enjoy the customized paint. And YOU will get your money back in enjoyment. If you might sell the bike in a year or two, well, you may not get your money back. Your friend is mistaken, based upon your description of the paint job.

Would I do it? Yes, I did paint my FXR. I owned the Low Rider for 8 years. I have NOT painted my FLHTC. I'm likely to sell the Dresser in less than 4 years.

Make your own choice. However, remember, the more radical the paint job, the smaller the customer base. (Naked women on your bike may look wonderful but not everyone wants a naked woman painted on his/her bike!!!!) Doesn't sound like that will be a problem for you though.
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