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Want to know if any of you run one or know something about this product and the advantages or disadvantages. I pulled the below article off the web about it. Thanks.

Yost Pro Power Tube PTR-4-MIKUNI HSR 42 & 45
Just like the other Yost Power Tubes, the Yost Pro Power Tube for Mikuni, by design, produces a very fine mist. This very fine mist allows the fuel to stay in suspension longer for better control of air and fuel mixtures and can be almost perfectly matched for any throttle position. You can expect an increase of up to five H.P., improved mid range performance, and an incredible throttle response that will be sure to impress. The Yost Power Tube Kit comes complete with the Yost Power Tube, 165, 170, 175, 180, and 185 main CV jets, rubber washer and the Yost Float Bowl Drain Nut. (NOTE) The main jets in this kit are interchangeable with stock H-D CV main jets and can be purchased at any OEM or any aftermarket dealer. However, they are not interchangeable with Mikuni jets, the jet threads are different, even though the actual size of the jets are the same, IE; if you have a 175 Mikuni main jet installed originally then use the supplied 175 main jet in this kit.
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