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Well hello to everyone.

I've gotta say this forum is great! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Lots of information and everyone is friendly. Thanks to all who have put up with my "newbie" posts and questions.

Like many out there, I saddled up for the first time on a Honda 75cc dirt bike when I was about 14. Looking back, I was lucky to learn the basics on dirt, mud and grass without having to look out for everyone else on the road. I remember riding with my brother, jumping rocks in a field, wondering why anyone would ever want to ride a "street only" bike.

Flash forward 25 years. (Ow, that kinda hurts.) Riding my '01 Dyna down a stretch of new blacktop I can't imagine me and my knees ever jumping rocks again.

Through high school I had a series of dirt bikes, eventually graduating to a Yamaha 400 street bike when I was 18, and then a full-fledged crotch rocket when I was 21. I've been riding on and off ever since. Few years ago I bought a '91 883, and about 30 minutes into the ride knew I'd have to trade up. Took me four years to do it, but I picked up my '01 Low Rider last April. Almost twenty five years after twisting my first throttle I found the right one. You all know exactly what I mean.

Thanks for your time, thanks for the forum, and most of all thanks for your patience. Look forward to "talking" to you all, and maybe even waving as we pass. Have fun (hell, that's what it's all about anyway) and be safe.

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