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Yee Haw!!!!

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Last Saturday was a cold and rainy day in Orlando. I was sitting inside trying to stay warm when the phone rang. It was Jeff at the Harley store. You see, I had been shopping forever! Jeff said that if I was ever going to get a deal a new 2003 that today would be the day. Besides... he promised me a free T-Shirt if I would come in. So I went down and picked my T-Shirt and we started talkin'! The result? I just pulled my new 2003 Heritage Softail into the garage! Awesome!

I haven't had a bike for about 15 years and boy did I miss that feeling. And I have never ridden a Harley until about an hour ago. To be honest I still can't fully describe the experience. It's a great feeling when you KNOW that you made the right decision.

Best of all - when I pulled into the garage my wife met me. She's never been on a bike before but even she couldn't resist climbing aboard. I look forward to taking her out for a nice ride to Daytona Beach once I get a few rides under my belt.

Did I say how awesome this is?

I glad to be part of the family and look forward hitting the road during our best time of the year. Who knows... maybe we'll meet in Daytona?
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How much?
Take a motorcycle safety course, you save on insurance and may save you or your wifes life...............By the way, welcome and enjoy !!!
Thanks for the welcome. - We're both going to take a saftely course after the Holiday. It's just the smart thing to do!
Congrats! Tell her you want to do some custom chrome work...new pipes... etc., and see what she says !!LOL!!
Congrats and welcome......
Welcome flapic,

Just like Alien said take the MSF course it's really a fantastic course. Get a hold of you local HOG chapter some have slot open for them in the local College that puts on the course. Plus if you got a HOG membership they will reimburse your for $50 in HOG bucks for taking the course. Things have changed in 15 year, like cell phone and no one watches out for you so you have to watch out for yourself. Ride like you are invisible and everyone is being paid to kill you - ride safe,

Thanks Dave. You're right... and that "ride like everyone is being paid to kill you" line really...really puts it in perspective. Great insight.
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