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I used to work in Canada alot so naturally I would ride to Port Angeles Wa. and take the ferry across to Vancouver and ride about a hundred miles up on the island and go to work.
Well one night I was returning home and just got off the ferry in PA and was 60 miles from home and 20 miles from the ferry terminal out in the sticks when the shovel broke down. It was about 11 pm and all I could think of was either ditch the bike and and sleep on the side of the road with it or hise it somewhere and hitch home and come back for it. I had my tools but no flashlight so I really couldn't do work on it.
The HD Gods were looking down on this poor ol' biker cause out of the blue this chick comes by in a car and stops. I told her what the problem was and she said her ol' man used to own a HD and she would go home and get him. He came back with his pickup truck and a ramp and we loaded it up on the truck and went to his house. They put me up in their living room for the night and that morning when I woke up his wife had breakfast for me and coffee. They let me used thier phone and I called a bro up and he drove 80 miles to get me and the bike. Nowadays when I see some poor biker on the road I always stop to lend a hand.
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