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1973 Harley Davidson XR750 dirt track racer for sale.
Once owned and raced by dirt track racing champions George Roeder II and his brother Jess. The Roeders have expressed interest in buying this bike back and they will verify if this is in fact the one that they once owned.

“I believe that is a 750 that my brother and I both
raced in the early 90's, my brother mostly. that
frame looks like a terry knight frame we used to race
but I have no idea what year engine my brother put in
it. I highly doubt it is a 1979 but could be.” Jess Roeder.

This bike is part of a relative’s estate and is not at my location, which makes answering questions difficult. Legal matters of the estate will be settled in about a month.
XR750 is located in Ohio. Hopefully, the pictures will speak for themselves. This is a serious dirt track racer, NOT a street bike.

Best offer. Serious inquiries only please.
Call Elvin after July 30 if interested (419) 885-0528
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