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Xmas for Seattle police

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Here is another example of the intelligence required to be in law enforcement - even the pencil pushing desk jockeys in the finance department:

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- Police officer Jerry Hicklin was tired of catcalls like "get a real bike" as he rode his department-issued Kawasaki.

Now he's in hog heaven since the department's motorcycle unit switched to Harley-Davidson Road Kings with 1,450-cc engines. Seven of the new Harleys are in service and the rest are expected by this summer.

Seated on his new bike, Hicklin, a motorcycle officer since 1981, joked about "pigs on hogs" as a small crowd gathered to admire his new wheels.

"They're gorgeous, aren't they? Man!" Hicklin said. "I've been waiting 21 years for this."

The brass is happy, too.

Officials estimate the city will save $40,000 a year by leasing Harleys rather than buying Kawasakis, which typically were used for three years and then sold at auction.

Then there's the morale boost.

"It's kind of like we just gave them a big Christmas present," Assistant Police Chief Harry Bailey said.

A new bike would greatly boost my morale. SH*T. I'd be happy with not having to shovel 21" of snow. The way it looks now we (in New England)don't have the slightest glimmer of hope to ride until Easter.:mad:
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OK so I won't tell you what the weather is like here today, unless you really have a need to know.
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