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XM Roady Fuse Blow

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Has anyone had trouble with the fuse blowing on a XM Roady install? Takes about 30 seconds for the fuse to bug out. I have plugged the Roady into the Cig Lighter on my 2004 Ultra Classic 4 times, and each time the fuse goes. It does not in my car lighter.

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Did you use the 6v converter? If you connect directly to the cig lighter without the converter, you're running a 6v radio into a 12v system. Go here http://www.myradiostore.us/power-accessories/hardwired-car-power-adapter.html I wired this adapter on the back side (inside the fairing) to the cigarette light and it works fine. Good luck!

Thanks for the info, orderd the part already

Have a good one
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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