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I am looking for a 2-up touring seat for a 2003 Heritage softail. The corbin part number is STO-DT . Would prefer with studs but not required. If you have one sitting on the shelf or you just want a different seat, OR you know where a good deal on a good used one or a new one. I would prefer a used one, That way someone else has it broke in. If you have one on your bike you would like to sell and go back to the stock seat, I can swap my stock seat (in new condition) and $$$.
I currenly have the corbin solo on my bike and LOVE it. But the little misses
isnt too happy with the small HARD and narrow pillion that matches my solo.

ALSO, does anyone know the difference between the solo and the 2-up tour seat on the 03 heritage? Does the two seat put the driver at the exact spot as far as height? same distance from the pegs? same seat angle?

Any and all thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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