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You should have the dealer or a H-D certified shop preform the 1000 mi. service its the most important one. Might prevent issues if future waranty problems should arise.

Theres quite a few items they check to ensure nothing has come loose and are supose to go over the entire bike and adjust primary and change all oils and retorque everything just to be safe.

If you enjoy doing your own maitance buy a service manual and a parts manual, you can ask around here on where to find the best price but in the long run money well spent.
And I always torque enerything.

The plug for the engine oil is in the front of the pan (NOT the allen pipe plug right next to it) the 5/8"plug.

Same size plug on the trans 5/8" some are on the bottom, some on right side

What plug did you take out ? If you only lost a small amount I would ride it to get hot then check both trans and oil levels the way the manual says to.

If the one you removed is a allen head inspection plug in the bottom of the case torq it to spec.

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