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Wrecking Yard

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I just need a left floorboard back mount, can anyone tell me of a couple of good wrecking yards I could contact? Thanks for any help. I googled but nothing good yet.
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Here's a few..........

Superior Outdoor Power Center Superior, NE 800-333-5161
Roadrunner Wichita, KS 316-264-7253
Mike's Cycle Salem, OR 800-327-7304
Dump Denver, CO 303-837-9817
Cycle Salvage Buntown, MS 800-352-BIKE
Bushes Salvage Ogden, KS 785-539-8524
Northern Cycle Beaumont, TX 800-428-1821
Golden Triangle Cycle 800-256-4746
Cycle Sport Center 800-545-2453
Cycle Recycle Co. Joplin, MO 800-722-8876
S.R. Access 800-230-9112
Steele's Motorcycle Slvg Engelwood, CO 303-781-5339
Eastcoast Quakertown, PA 215-529-4632
Cyclepro's Bridgewater, MA 508-697-2611
Used Parts 717-248-5970
Dirt Cycles Salvage 508-478-5700
Cal ATV Pinon Hills, CA 760-868-6260
R&R Cycle ME 207-736-3043
Havasu Cycle Havasu City, AZ 800-680-6621
Boise Motorcycle Slvg Boise, ID 208-375-7949 208-322-7949
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I have a pair of stock floorboard mounts from a 2001 EGC. Went to the extended mounting system. Will these work?
scarpenter, PM sent. Thanks
Just a bump. Scarpenter, are you out there? I sent you a PM.
I've had bad luck with internet junkyards. although if people are reccomending specific ones i guess they had good luck with them.
pay by pay pal or credit card, and at the first sign of trouble file a complaint. you can always take it back later after you are 100% satisfied. if they yank ur chain a few times and the 60 day window to complain closes and ur s.o.o.l.
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