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Listen, that set up is awesome, it handle well and tight. I have a 2006 Flhtpi with a 21 hogpro rim/avon tire and the stock 16 in the rear. Also, the bike is lowered in the front and rear and rides like hell on wheels. But, let me tell you I have installed the Glide Pro stablizer into my ride and now it I love the handling (especially hitting 100mph at times). I just went to Boca Raton to Key West Rally in September and last month I was in Daytona, my scoot ran like a champ, no problems even with the grooved, pitted, pothole, uneven I95 pavement. Also, don't worry about the extra weight, I had my woman, both side bags filled and a huge pack in the rear and I was stil roaring without any problems. I recently, put on 16inch apes on my ride, due to the original bars killed my shoulders. Anyway, hopefully that helped out. I will have pics of my 06 soon..
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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