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Wood Cam 6H... Help needed..

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Hi everyone...

I recently bought a cam that was used for an evo engine. The cam box says it is Wood 6H.. But the cam has only W6 as a stamp..

I know there are two versions of W6.. Could it be that this cam is a W6H cam having a W6 stamp ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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The 6H(.590 lift) will be stamped, and so will the 6.(.510 lift)
Thank you for the info... Much appreciated.

On a 1998 Electra which would be better..

Leinewebber 5s or a Wood W6..

with 10.5 compression.
Screaming Eagle heads.
Crane Roller rocker arms
Barnett clutch
And 6 speed tranny

Thank you
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The 6H really needs roller rockers.
The 6 does not. Set it at 10:1 or close to it(no more), and it'll deliver great power without the expense of the rollers.
Common to see close to 80 hp and 90 ft/lbs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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