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Soon the bike goes back up on the lift and will get pretty much stripped down for next years mods.

I'll be running a solo seat and removable passenger pillion. Also, since there is no Quick Detatch Tour Pac bracketry for older Glide's with Tour pacs, I'll be fabbing one.

I already fabbed a license plate bracket to mount the plate below the Brake light and turn signal bar, but I'm still trying to figure out the best plans for the fender struts.

When I remove the factory tour pac bracket, I'll also be removing the chrome cover for the fender struts, because the bike is black and I want the Struts to "blend" as much as possible with the line of the Rear fender that will pretty much be exposed most of the time.

The holes that will be left at the back of the fender struts can be filled with little bullet lights that I've seen, but that is not the look I'm going for.

Does anyone know of a mfg that provides a solid plug for them, decorative or not?

If not, I'll turn some stock down on a lathe and build it, but I figured I ask first.

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