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Windshield modification on 02 FLHT

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Just took the maiden ride on my new FLHT. This is my first bike with a windscreen. I find that the stock windscreen needs to be lowered about 1 to 1 ½ inch. Looking at the service manual removal seems simple enough & I was intending to have a quality windshield glass shop remove the height by cutting and re-shaping the bottom. Is this the way to go? Any unknown issues?
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FLHT's are a piece of cake. As long as it is only 1 or 1.5" just take the screws out, slide the sumbitch down between the fairings, and drill new holes in it.
I've got a 2000 FLHT and use the 2-1/2" under windshield. At 5'11" it works great for me. The stock shield was just at the level where I always had to reposition to either look over or through it.
Damn, Hippo. That was easy, Owe you one, thanks

I have an FLHT on order. What are you likes and dislikes about yours? Why did you pick the FLHT?

I like mine.

I would have prefered the FLHTCUI, but couldn't afford it. If you have a fat wallet, you can add as much optional equipment as you like. The only option I would like to have (for now) is the stereo.

What color did you order, Black or Black?

jchap883 said:
I have an FLHT on order. What are you likes and dislikes about yours? Why did you pick the FLHT?

I know that there is always those that will be attracted to the FLHT since it is perhaps the very best cost / product deal HD has to offer. I just plain love just about everything about that bike, period. I like the look of the silver engine, love the look of the hard boxes without the pizza box, fairing adds a month each side of the season here in upstate ny. I have no use for a radio, would probably order anything else in black anyway. In short, very happy! Now, the stock windscreen was a little high, took more time to muster up the nerve then to actually do something about it. And I know I may be opening up a bag of worms, but I don’t think I’d mind if it had FI, but it doesn’t, and that’s ok.

It does need some new pipes. HD may have to meet tight gov. standards, I don’t. Haven’t discovered which pipes yet. Don’t want anything that loud, but I’d like to here it a little. I guess the pipes / air cleaner / jet upgrade are on the short list, but that’s about it.
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I have V&H slashcuts on mine and (I think) they sound great. I rode alongside two riders that had drag pipes and you could really tell the difference. The V&H's are quite a bit louder than the original stock pipes, but not as loud as the drags. They look good too.
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