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The files are in a .zip configuation. Click on the file, and download it to your computer's hard drive. Open it with the WinZip program, and extract it to a folder which you can find. Open your SERT tuner program, and under file, click on get new calibration file, then ok. The file should open in the SERT tuner program. If the file is not the correct suffix you will not be able to reprogram your ECM, and you will have to open the file like I described, and copy and paste each component parameters into a file with the suffix that will work for your bike model and year, then rename the file, and save. Then run the tuner program again, and reprogram your ECM.

Heres what the manual says:
NOTE: Old MT2 or MT5 calibration files cannot be used for programming with Tuning Mode version 4.5.0. However, old calibration files may be loaded into Tuning Mode 4.5.0, and the calibration table information copied to the equivalent new files using the Clipboard "Cut and Paste" functions

Using a spreadsheet to modify or transfer calibration tables:

Tables from Tuning Mode version 3.5 or later or can be copied into a spreadsheet program by selecting a table area of interest and using the Edit - Copy menu.

You can then Paste the values into a spreadsheet program or directly into a Tuning Mode version 4.1 (or later) table using the Edit – Paste

Caution: Cell values will be paste down and to the right from the current selected cell. Use care when pasting partial tables such that only the correct cells are overwritten!

Note: Data values are subject to round-off when paste into Tuning Mode. For this reason, the numeric value may change slightly from what was expected.

Hope this helps you.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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