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Has anyone tried using Wimmer's SuperSucker or Ultra Sucker on an ElectraGlide or Ultra? Does it actually fit behind the lowers?
I know the length of the Super (4") and Ultra (5.5") but don't know how far the 90degree elbow extends forward. Some pics I've seen show intakes extending out past the downtubes of the frame. If that's the case, then this whole thing won't work.
I don't really want to use the 60degree, it looks like it would be right in front of the storage of the lower.
Also, do the screens work equal to the cotton filter? According to Wimmer's chart, depending on which screen you get, (60 or 80mesh), they will flow slightly less, or slightly more than the cotton filter in the UltraSucker.
In summer I run with the lowers off here in FL. So for the 3-4 months that they are on, I can live with the intake being 5-6 inches from the lowers.
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