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I would like to hear from anyone primarily using the Wimmer set-up I have pictured.
I like the looks of both the Wimmer and Forcewinder but, Wimmer for sure gets the nod for quality and looks.
I have a 1200 Custom stock and already have the Bassani Pro Streets and am looking for a air cleaner like the ones mentioned any advice is appreciated.
Here is the set-up I am looking at and also is a pic of someone 883 set-up with Bassani Pro Streets and a Forcewinder.
I also am in the process of lowering the Rear with 11" Progressive Shocks with Full chrome covers and dropping the front the matching 3/4-1" or so in the front which should give me the same look as the pictured bike accept they used the lowering links for the rear for which I choose the Progressive.
Thanks :)

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