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I just bought the Willie G seat. I like it. It is much better than the stock seat. I found the stock seat to make me slide downward in the saddle somewhat because it has no defined back line it is just curved like a cradle. With the Willie G. seat it has a straight line back with an almost right angle which gives the seat some defination. I do like the lower seating height too. It is definatley stiffer than my broken in stock seat but i think once it breaks in it is going to be even more comfortable.
I looked into the corbin seats online but i have heard so many bad things about there customer service that i didnt want to chance no liking a seat and not being able to return or exchange. (yeah, i suppose i took the easy way out)
One other thing......the Willie G seat i got was discounted 30% of retail. I was told with all the 100 anniv stuff comming out that they wanted to move it. So it ended up costing me $202.00.

Just my $.02
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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