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Will a dual dyna coil setup work on a TC?

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I really want to go with a dual dyna coil setup (mounted between the jugs) but everything I find says they're for an Evo. Can this setup work with a TC?
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no but they do make a mini coil setup that will the stock tc coil primary is .5 ohms verses the evo street at 5. race 3. and there race stuff at .7
What year is your bike? The bike doesn't know or care what coil is attached to your bike as long as the "resistance" is correct. The only concern would be if you had an EFI bike with a coil like the softails that have an Ion sensing feedback line, and then it would just send a code of no cumbustion present but would still run. Other than that, the B terminal feeds the voltage, the other two,A&C feed the front and rear cylinders. Single fire is single fire. The A&C are nothing but Coil Drivers ( grounds ) controlled by the ignition module. So most likely with the correct resistance coils, take apart the connector, T off the voltage to both coils and take the A & C to the right cylinders and it should work.
Well unfortunately, that's what I have. It's a 2005 with FI. Thanks for the post!
Ok, so its an 05, I just dont have a manual in front of me. How many wires go into the coil connector? If it's 3 no problem, if its 4 we may have to work around a engine light, how much do you want it?
Not bad enough that I want to hack it up! Lol. I'm at work right now, but I'll check on the 3 or 4 wires when I get home. Thanks again!
I don't hack anything up. When I re-wire a custom installation you wont be able to tell its not factory, well almost. This can be done where you would not even know. Use factory wire harnes and it runs up under the tank and over to the coils. Use professional connections, a few zip ties and you wont even see it.
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