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I did a search with and did not come up with any info.

I installed the pigs last night and thanks to the snow I did not get out to ride. I fired my bike up in the garage and they had the deep sound that I was looking for but they were louder than anticipated(1 3/4" baffs). I hope the sound tamer when I get it out on the road. It kinda sucks being the only harley rider in my addition. We are at the very end of the addition and I was hoping to quite the bike down a little because we get alot of echoing and I am usually on the road by 5:30a.m.

Anyway my question is how or what is the best way to test for exhaust leaks at the joint were the muff meets the pipe? I could not feel one than again would I feel one? I have that chirping that alot of people refer to and my father in law who is somewhat of an experienced harley wrench is pretty sure that I have an exhaust leak when I described the sound to him over the phone. I had the Sampson Megaphone style pipes on it when I bought it and did not have any chirping at all although they were really really load and liked to echo of of every house in my addition. The chirping is most noticable at Idle and even though I have not got the bike on the road yet since switching, it appears to go away or at least i can not hear it when I rev slowly to 2,000 rpm's

Also when I installed my left muff I tried not to put it in a bind but anytime I tightened any bolt it would pull away (down) from the muffler bracket about a 1/4 inch. I finally decided to tighten the bracket bolts first and than tighten the clamp wich seemed to work fairly well however, if I loosen those bolts now that the clamp is tight the muffler will still drop about 1/4" below the bracket. Am I putting the Exhaust in a bind by tightening it this way?

I am learning slowly but surely and thanks all for the info. This forum is awesome for the inexperienced motorcyclist I have really learned alot.
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