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I bought the E-Bay offered Wild Pigs in Slash Cut , they are factory seconds but the flaws are barely noticable and the chrome is great. Chris was easy to work with, since there was some confusion from the E-Bay end. The pipes were a perfect fit, but with the stock 2" baffles was too loud for my 4 AM departure for work, and there was not enough back pressure for my stock plus SE AC and jets setup, it also backfired at the slightest deccelleration, using the 1 3/4" baffles and more fiberglass around them gave much better performance. I like mellow Harley sound and these provide that, all comments have been positive. Also my m.p.g. and power and ridability has improved.
I had to put our bikes away for the winter so am experimenting with closing off the left pipe and using the right as a 2 into 1. Now I have to wait 3-4 months to see what if anything this accomplished.
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