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widest tire 05fxdwg

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what's the widest tire i can run on the rear of my 2005 fxdwg
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Stock ..+1 size , if you want to get an aftermarket kit .. a 200.
The new dyna's can run 180's with the HD kit
If I remember correctly a 160 is about as large as you can go on a 05.
Fat tire

There are companys out there that make up to a 300 tire kit for Dynas. Like http://www.bigboarproducts.com/

"Now Available 300MM Dyna Fat Tire Kit"
"New! What's new at Big Boar? The massive 300MM Dyna Fat Tire Kit. Turn your stock Dyna into a monster with one kit. Parts included are 1 giant swing arm, longer gears for the transmission, crankshaft extension for the engine, outboard bearings for the primary, strutless steel fender, 300MM tire, spacers, gaskets, etc... Kit includes all parts except wide wheel of your choice. 3,395.00 "

I have seen others too, but can't remember where they are.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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