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Wide Tire Kits

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Anyone have any experience installing a wide tire kit on the earlier (97) Fatboys?

Besides the HD Kit, does anyone have any recommendations for other wide tire kits with an improved looking swingarm? Thanks!
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I have no specific experience -- but have been doing quite a bit of research on wide tire kits for my 2002 FXSTBI...

You should have no problems finding an aftermarket kit -- such as a Santee -- for a mid '90s softail. One of the biggest questions you are going to need to answer is if you are OK offsetting some drivetrain components. Many of the true wide-tire kits require you to offset some of the drivetrain -- and how wide do you want to go... I have decided that I am not OK with offsetting -- I am worried about the engine not being centered -- although many who have installed the Performance Machine Phatail Kit (240) love it -- I am not willing to take the risk...

I have decided to retain the stock swingarm... That leaves me with three options:

1. I can cut off the stock rear fender horns -- and then mount wider struts to accomodate a wider (8.5") rear fender -- which will allow me to mount a 180 series tire utilizing the 1 1/8" pulley and belt. Heartland Biker makes a real nice conversion kit...

2. Stuff a "real wide" 150 series tire under the stock rear fender...

3. Swap the stock fender and mounting bolts, utilize the stock struts but add a new fender and mounting hardware and hope that I can get a 160 in there...

You have plenty of options -- you just need to decide how wide you want to go and what you are willing to pay for it! :D
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