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wide glide swingarm

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I am patiently waiting on my new 03 wide glide to arrive in October. During this painful time I have been assembling my list of things to put on or change about this motorcycle.

One of the things I do not like about this bike is the ugly "boxy" black swingarm. It is even more noticable with the V&H bigshots that will be put on the bike.

The only aftermarket swingarm I have been able to find is the HD Chrome swingarm listed in the parts catalog.....Which would give me an ugly "boxy" chrome swingarm instead of an ugly "boxy" black swingarm.

My question is...Does anyone know of a company who makes aftermarket swingarms for the Dynas? Something billet, or tubular or something a little more stylish than the stock "square tube" units.

The only aftermarket swingarms I have been able to find custom are for the softails.

Thanks for the help in advance,

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Billet = buck$, here is one from Santiago Choppers . An aluminum model from JMC
hello room!

since you will be changing the swingarm, why not fatten the rear tire as well? i think there is a kit in custom chrome that will allow you to install fat tires on a dyna. ....(i wish i had the catalog with me now, since i am not sure if it will fit your year/model.
fat tire kit

I have the 2002 CC catalog. There are fat tire kits for softails but I can't find any for a Dyna. If anyone could post information on a kit for a Dyna, I'd appreciate it.
dmcustoms at long beach has dyna kit. 5625959355. BUT have not met anyone running the kit.
Re custom chrome, please look under heading of fenders. if not cc, then it may be CS. .
I don't think the chrome swingarm on my 1995 Wideglide is ugly or boxy....so there!! :gun: It looks great when the other stuff around it is chrome also....but that's one opinion.
Semper Fi,
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sorry...i didn't even notice how OLD this thread is.
Steve, nice looking swingarm. Some threads never die.

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