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Hey guys

Ive posted some of my work here before, i dont know if anybody remembers..
Anyway im looking for a wide glide front fender to make a mold from.
Id like a stock fender and or fender with a long tail. Id be willing to make a custom fender for free for anyone who may have an extra fender and would be willing to send it to me to mold from. Im not out to scam you guys out of your fenders :) I just dont want to buy a fender i dont need just to mold from it. Ill post a link with previous works ive done so you can get an idea of what i do or am capable of. Id be willing to also send the fender back with your new fender once im done.
Im not saying ill take any fender anybody wants to give me but id like to add to my mold collection. For now a really need a WG fender but would also consider rear fenders and such. Fender has to be in reasonable shape and i may have to grind any rivets for the struts if fender is not already fiberglass. I dont want your beautifully painted fenders unless your willing to take the chance on the resin eating at the paint. Normally the mold process is harmless but not always.
Like i said, take a look at my work and if you want a free custom fender made and you have a fender to mold from email me at [email protected] . you pay shipping to me and ill pay shipping back. Serious guys im not trying to rip ya off i really just need to add to my mold collection and im sure ya all know how expensive it woul be for me to buy a bunch of HD fenders i dont need. Id like to see pics of fender before sending if possible. THX



THX again
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