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Why is it when a man knows he has done wrong, but still wants sympathy for his actions? (not saying all men, but just one man...)

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just off the top... male pride?:huh:
you are gonna have to give more details????
I see this in both men and women... can you give more explanation.
Could be he's manipulative.
More background?
Need more info

Without more information it is hard to form any opinion. Off the top of my head I would say he is trying to be manipulative. Are you sure he believes he is wrong or is he just saying that he is?? I really think thedog hit it right on the money.

wow.. you actually know a guy that will admidt he actually made a mistake?:roflback:
Oh yeah... guys like to get sympathy, but....<G>

I think you should get even with him by posting a few hot pics here. :whistle:
Hmmmm...wonder if he was caught doing wrong, (thus the sympathy "card") or whether he was trying to get something off his chest and wanted to come clean...(and see if he could get away with it again = manipulative)...:corn:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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