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Why won't VTF remember me?..............

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I am constantly having to log in. I know it isn't my computer because all my other sites that I am required to log into (i.e., bank and email) my log in name and passowrd are remembered/saved but VTF isn't.

WTF? :huh:
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Are ya clicking the little check box that says remember me?
I click that box every time (Oh wait you mean the one by the log in!?) Yeah I click that one too.

Sorry sitting in the house bored mind went on a vacation for a sec.
Does your link say twinforum or twinforums, try twinforums that did it for me
Antispyware tools will eat your cookies too.
Oh man, not only are you easily forgotten, they keep stealing your COOKIES too ... damm, that's a bad day ...
Try logging into (and saving this as your favorite)and see if it remembers you after that.
do you have the synthetic, H-D approved, stainless steel braided wires on your 'puter?

try waving at the screen too.

I think the Dr. has too much time on his hands.

Tried the link guess I'll just wait and see what happens.
I thought I was responding to a personallity problem...maybe I am, how do you treat your computer...
Let your bike idle for 20 minutes........................
Well IE, Netscape, or Mozilla won't stay logged in for me.
nt30 said:
I am constantly having to log in.
I have the same problem with this site. Others I use seem to be fine.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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