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Why is this board so slow?

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I feel like I'm using my old 1984 Tandy computer.

It seems to take forever to upload on this forum.

Is there something I don't know?
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If things seem much slower than usual, it's probably just some roadwork in your local section of the information superhighway ...

However, this thing ain't the most efficiently designed web forum I've used ... ;-)

I get in over a T1 ('broadband') line at work and the page load speed is acceptable then (though the constant drilling down through layers then going back out to the beginning to find the next forum with new posts gest really old really fast ...). I tried it from home using a 56k (real-world 50-52k ...) dial-up connection, and it's not even usable.

Triming off a bunch of the graphics would help, but streamlining the 'new post' flow would be a HUGE improvement. For an example of a much cleaner way to do this, see:


Having a column listing all your unread threads on one side makes it easy to move through all the new posts quickly ....
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Are you using internet explorer as your browser? Try Netscape. I have both and things seem to work much faster for me using Netscape.

Host server

Is the problem...In the process of moving the entire website to another server within the next month.

The graphics are cached so that is NOT the problem. OMNIS.COM just plains blows.

Bare with us.
Yup, I'm using a 56k dial-up connection.

Ok, Mr Price, I'll bear with you.

I just wondered if it was my machine...
dprice, an unsolicited word of caution. I am a member of another forum that uses the same forum software as this one. The Webmaster has changed host servers a number of times and has had nightmares keeping history, passwords, post counts, etc. The forum is at ptenthusiasts.org and I think his 'handle' is PTSean. You might want to check with him before changing. His last host change was troublesome but it really rocks now.
slow as hell

and I am using a satalite dish which is pretty quick. I have been a member of AK47 Forums at http://www.gunsnet.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=337 for two years now, we have went through many servers and the one they use now is super. Mr price needs to check out who gunsnet uses, there is no censorship what so ever by the host company:D
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