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Why do I need a stage 1 chip?

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I just had Vance and Hines straight shots installed on my 2002 Espfi Fatboy - I don't plan on changing anything else - if I can get by with it. The pipes sound great - there seems to be no power loss -(actually seems to have gained a little) and the bike runs great. Do I need to have the stage 1 chip installed? Why? or why not? If I go to a screaming eagle air cleaner later - I will get the stage 1 chip and have my bike recalibrated, but everyting seems to be working fine now. My stock head pipes turned blue after the 1st 50 miles - (lean) but i've been told this is normal. I don't want to do any harm to the bike, but I don't want to waist money either. Any help would be appreciated.
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Your bike is almost certainly running lean. It starts that way from the factory and the new pipes only made it a bit more lean. Clearly, it is not as lean as it would be if you also had done the air cleaner , but it also clearly isn't running as strong as it would be with the air cleaner opened up.

My opinion is that as soon as you can swing it financially.....get the A/C and stage 1 reflash. If you plan to be constantly tweaking your engine then skip the reflash and get a power commander.

As for the blue pipes.....if I held my breath for 10 minutes I'd turn blue and any doctor would say it was normal....but it wouldn't mean it was "OK"
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