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why black?

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I've heard/read comments suggesting the only proper color for a Harley is black.

Why? Clearly the MoCo does't agree, color is an option.

Is it historical? Were all the first scooters black?

Is it functionality? Black hides dirt/oil/road detritus?

Is it the outlaw thing?

Despite functional attributes, I perceive negative connotations associated with black bikes/leathers (principally related to the outlaw thing).

What is your opinion?


White Pearl '02 FLSTFI
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The most popular myth is that BLACK automatically adds horse power....making it the fastest color. That sounds right to me. LOL

My bike is black and I think it looks good with the chrome. It wasn't that important but it was what was available. Black shows swirls a lot more than some of the other colors and takes a little more care to keep looking good. It's more trouble but when it's clean it does look sharp.

I think the black leather thing stems from the fact that it doesn't show oil or other stains as bad. It of course does have an advantage in colder weather over lighter colors for warmth. It is just as much a traditional color thing now. One's perception of black can mean different things to different people. I remember from TV in the old days that the "bad guys" wore black hat's. LOL . But I wouldn't think that anyone wearing a black hat is doing it to be associated with any perceived image. It's true that the traditional MC jackets have useful function with the zippered pockets, zippered sleaves, belt, snap down collars, thick leather, etc. Some non-riders may precieve them as just a style design projecting an image not realizing the true functions though.
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Having second thoughts wyodude? hehe

Come over to the dark side.....come over to the dark side...it's calling you...............

vivid black 2002 FLSTFI


Yep, I wish my FatBoy was here now (it was 50 and sunny today).

I was down at the dealership thinking " jade sunglo ain't so bad after all..."

Still laughing (at myself!)

I guess I have always gravitated towards black for my scooters. If it wasn't black originally, it would be after the first tear down. I guess the chrome stands out better. Damn! Now you made go and have to think. Maybe I'm suffering from some anti-social, sociopathic mental disorder or something:( I guess I better make an appointment with the shrink.:) .
Mine is black...

I like black, but I'll be damned if I tell anyone else what color they should have.

In fact, one day it'll probably be yellow.
sned, see a doctor before it turns yellow!! :p Have you been to the P.I.??

First model T Ford could be ordered in any color...as long as it was black, the only color available. During the war, olive drab (OD) made its obvious devue. Black is cheap and looks rich. It does not hide dirt, it shows it. I like white cars, they don't show the day to day dirt.

But why, black now adays, don't know. You did know of course that between the years of 1960 until mid to late '70s, green was a NO-NO for bikes. That came from a few bad accidents by road racers who had green bikes. It took Kawasaki to break the rule and bring green back.

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