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Rankings on resident dependency for federal funds

IN - #9
AZ - #11
PA - #17
OK - #19
FL - #26
LA - #27

CA - #43

Georgia #32

So to all of you from the above states, get your shyt together and quit stealing my damn money. I'm tired of paying for your ineptness.

But, but, but California ....my ass.
That's about how I feel about California too.


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I'm a retired / disabled Vietnam veteran, I'm pretty much forced to get my medical care through the VA. With this Opiate "crisis", the VA will no longer prescribe / fill anything on their narcotic "list". Which includes a number of drugs that are actually NOT narcotic. I've been on one form of Opiate for over 35 years, due to getting run over by a truck, on the interstate ('49 Harley Police Special). Now, forced to go to private doc., and pay out-of-pocket. Plus prescriptions.


61 - 63 of 63 Posts