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Yeah, I know it's only November, but I'm DEFINITELY planning on making Bike Week this year, since I haven't been able to ride my new Road King since my surgery on Aug. 12.

It'll be my first long-haul ride on her since I rode her HOME from Daytona in July.

My guy and I usually hang out at Froggy's, Boot Hill and the Iron Horse. Also known to be found at Fat Tuesdays on the Boardwalk sipping frozen grain alcohol drinks, since that's the spot where we first met in '96!

You can look for the "Turd in a Punchbowl" bike (see pic in my Member Forum Pic area), and there's enough pics that folks could probably pick us out of a crowd. Look for the tats and listen for the Xena yell! :)

It'd be great to catch up with some Forum folks - sound off if you're planning on going so I know who to look for! (We'll probably be going Mar. 6 - 9).
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