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Which did you serve in

  • USN

    Votes: 244 24.6%
  • USMC

    Votes: 186 18.8%
  • USA

    Votes: 271 27.3%
  • USAF

    Votes: 224 22.6%
  • USCG

    Votes: 38 3.8%

    Votes: 29 2.9%

  • Total voters
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USAF active from 1983 to 1992. State side: Ellsworth AFB 83-85, Plattsburgh AFB 86-88. Overseas: Korea Osan AB 85-86, PI Clark AB 85 TDY, Kedena 85 TDY, Yakoda Japan 85. AFSC SPS 81170.

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I'm really surprised at how close the poll is...

I spent 8 years in the Air Force(76'-84').. Crewed an F15 out of Holloman AFB.

It was transition time for the F15's from F4's and I got to travel the country showing off the new Eagles to the public.

Hit 38 states in the 8 years, but not once overseas....

My old plane(76064) is in the Oregon Natl Guard the last I heard.

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I wish there'd been an option for those of us who served multiple branches.

Oh man, that's no joke, because you guys had really seen it all.

Retired USAF Master Sergeant May 1990-June 2010, & happy to be here too!
Joined to see the World; got to do just that including 12 years OCONUS.

901X0 (Aeromedical Specialist) converted to 4F0X1 (Aeromedical Craftsman) merged into 4E0X1 (Public Health Craftsman) assigned as T4E0X1-Instructor

1960 Panhead Bobber
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21 years and counting in the Bitish Army (Recon); just finished a stint handing over to your USMC guys in Helmand; great guys....just a little strange though.... ;)

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Wow, lotta Vets here. All the men in my family have served, mostly Navy, but also Marines, Air Force, and in one case, Army. I was a BM (Barely Manageable) in the N.A.V.Y. (Never Again Volunteer Yourself). Did six years. Qualified Rigger, Security Reactionary Force, Assault Boat Coxswain, buncha other stuff . . .

USS Acadia (AD-42
USS Anchorage (LSD-36)
USS La Salle (AGF-3)
USS Dixon (AS-37)

My Dad was Air Force, but they wouldn't let him fly, so he went Army.
Grandfather retired a Mustang Lt. with 30 yrs. (USN)

I sure miss driving the boats (LCM-8 mostly). Oh yeah, and Marines that think they can out-drink a sailor. :redrolf:
281 - 300 of 332 Posts