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The Sportster

As far as I can figure it all started in 1957 I have a illistrated directory a freind bought for me, so far it seems ture and reliable. They say that Harley needed a hot rod (that is when hot rodding was cool in eveyones eyes). The 57 XL was OHV 45 degree V-twin
Displacement 53.9ci (883cc)
Bore stroke 3.0x3.81in
Compression ratio 7.5:1
Horsies [email protected]
Carb Linkert
Trasns 4-speed
Primmary drive chain
Brakes Drum front & rear
Battery 6 volts
ingnition coil/points
Frame steel, single downtube
Wheelbase 57in
Weight 495lbs
Fuel capacity 4.4 gal
Oil cap 3 qts
Tires 3.50x18in front&rear
Colors pepper red/black, skyline blue/ white, birch white/ black, black/ red Extra charge option, metallic midnight blue/white

They say the KL was the basis for the sportster the KL was built in 1952 they used the K model bottom end and rebesigned the top end using 4 cams and over head valves. Really cool looking bike. Hope this helps Meat
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