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where is everyone

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how come no one is posting? Am I the only one in here?
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this apparently is a very new site without much activity. for my $.02 it is a great setup and I plan to return often.
I agree,I like it o,but seems dead
I also like the set-up... It'll prbably take some time for others to migrate this way also...

I'll be coming back...
Helloooooooo-helloooooo-helloooo-hello, anybody home ?:D
Greetings from the U.K.! I am sure it will not be long before things get moving here.
Any other Brits found this site yet?


This looks like a good forum. I'll be glad when it starts getting more traffic.
Site is just starting. Has had more activity already than SEVERAL other sites/boards/forums I check.

With the interest, I imagine more folks with post.

Had a negative experience with a dealership yesterday. Wanted to buy the girlfriend a new Dyna. She's in the process of selling her Sportster (even have an ad on this forum). Anyway, the dealership ONLY wanted $2K OVER list for the bike. I must be missing something???? The economy is in the toliet. People aren't buying and a dealership still has the xxxxx to try to get $2K OVER msrp. yeah, yeah, I know every dealership doesn't try that stuff but it's still pretty gutsy. Will be visiting a different dealership next weekend.

Now, this may get some exciting conversation going!!!! LOL
What I have found is that HD dealerships without any real local competition charge just about whatever they want above retail. Go to a bigger city with multiple dealerships and you can do alot better, if price and not local convience is your main concern.
I was made a helluva deal from an out of state dealership and I took it. Had to drive up with a Uhaul 5x8 enclosed trailer but hey, saved a couple thousand bucks.
blood hungry

What it's going to take is the dealers to sit on their inventory for a while without any sales. Then when bikes start piling up on the floor, it will be time to sell at MSRP. Remember, the MSRP already has a few grand worked in for dealer profit!:mad:

With winter coming up, this is probably the best time to buy a bike. Sure hate that I gave an extra 3K over MSRP in the spring when I bought mine...saw too many people enjoying their RKs that I just had to have one...now that the economy is in the crapper, I wish I would have waited and went into the dealership waiving money around right about nowthen I could have bought even more chrome with the savings!

Pasadenajim, I also am selling my2001 1200C and looking into a Dyna. I saw you post in the classified. I have not had much luck in selling mine, will most likley have to use it for a trade in. Good luck to you and your GF on selling the sporty. Nanci

Just found the site and saying hi...

I'm in St. Louis Missouri, have a '99 FXDS-Convertible that has been modified a fair amount.
Looks like a great site. Waiting to see some familiar names start to pop up. Good luck with the new site.
Hello everyone!

Hey Dean,

I have seen you post on other forums. I have been meaning to ask you about your 'passing' lights. Did the turn signals come with them? Are the lights switched on separately or do they stay on with the headlight?

They look to be Harley Davidson lights like on their web page. They don't have much of a description of them
there though.

Just stopped by to take a look.....several familiar names already!

Ride easy................................
Hello All
Looks like this site has some good potential I already see some familiar names from the about HD forum

Take care & ride safe
Just found this site (thanks Dave T) Seeing some familiar names.......Looks good, I'll be hanging around.

Did you go to Glendale????

Didn't Make it to the Love Ride

:( Didn't make it to the Love Ride this year, Tony. Had to go to a wedding last Sunday. Interestingly enough, the wedding was out near the that famous biker haunt, the Rock Store, off of Mulholland. The wedding was outside and the weather cleared up enough for the ceremony. Figured that I'd been to several Love Rides (I was still kinda glad when it rained most of the morning--didn't feel so bad for not going) and I hoped I'd only be going to one wedding for my friend.

The avalanche of toy runs will be starting soon. I've always enjoyed those more than the Love Ride anyway.

Ride safe.
JIM [email protected]
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