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When is fuel injection/6 speed coming?

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Any predictions as to when Sportsters will be
fuel injected with 6 speed trannys? I say by
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The EFI are pretty big systems to be installing on a sportster. The 4.5 gallon fuel tank on the customs would probably be able to hold all the sh#t that has to go inside of it (such as the fuel pump, fuel level sender, float, fuel filter canister) but I don't think there is room for the throttle body or even the ECM on a sportster these days. It's gonna take some major design changes. IMHO, I doubt there will ever be a sportster with EFI as we now know it. Unless the EFI system starts shrinking in size.
Now that all Sportsters have electronic ignition I don't think fuel injection will be long at all. I expect to see it soon.

As far as size the Buell's have been fuel injected since '99 and it doesn't seem to take up much space at all on them.

I don't think a 6 speed will happen in a Sportster. If it ever was to come look for the Buell's to see it first. It seems that if it works on the Buell's the Sportsters get it next.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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