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After spending two 'British Winters' living out in the cold and being used daily, my Headlight Nacelle needed re-chroming.
Got it done at the start of the summer and well..............:(
To be fair to the place that did it, the guy said that at the time when he looked at it, (still on the bike) he didn't know it was a 'casting', but decided to give it a try anyway.
I'd nothing to loose as it was pretty fu(ked to begin with!
They did my crash bars as well and did a perfect job.
Guess they were just not equipped to do castings!!!!

I've got a Nacelle of a police model, so as soon as I can find a place to do a 'proper' job of chroming it, I'm gonna take this one off and get it sprayed Silver so I can swap the Good chrome one over to the painted one for the winter months.

If all else fails, I'm gonna have to buy a New Chrome one and paint the Black police one silver for the winters. :rolleyes:

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