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Wheels : polished vs chrome

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What are the pros and cons or preference of polished or chrome wheels

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Poor chrome may rust and/or peel. Those are the only drawbacks, IMO. Polished aluminum can a royal pain in the azz to maintain, especially on a bike that gets ridden out in the weather. I'll take my chances with the chrome, especially on the wheels which are hard to get to and polish.
You're in Jersey, I'm in Jersey. Polished aluminum SUCKS!!! Go chrome. Period. Salt water + salt air + salt on the roads this time of year = &^[email protected]#%)($%&$%@ 'ing wheels!!!!!! :badmood: :nunu: :gun:
The luster of polished aluminum can't be beat.....but get the chrome. They are very easy to maintain, and they are the next best thing to polished aluminum. No need to discuss the problems of hydrogen embrittlement with chrome, just ride it.
chrome is much easier to maintain. A polished is prone to staining and/or corrosion if not regularly sealed - expensive and a lot of work.
I agree...chrome is easier. But polished aluminum kicks ass in the looks department if you're willing and have the time to keep it polished and new looking. I've let the wheels on my truck go for a while and they look like crap now. But when I polish them they look awesome.....much better than chrome IMHO. Lots of work though...

I had the same question:polished vs.chrome.Was gonna go polished,since I`m polishing my front sliders;but saw Weld wheels has a 5 year warrantee on their chrome.Easy choice now!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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