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I already have tattoos and piercings, so I thought the natural progression would be to get a Harley! Seriously though, I've ran into the same thing most of my life. I've wanted a Harley for most of my life, but it was a "I'm not contributing a dime to a motorcycle" from my parents. Now I'm at the age that I can get it myself and I've worked hard for it.
I also had an ex-fiancee(thank God that's over) who was cool about it, but once marriage was discussed, it was a no-go.(Fu(k her!) My fiancee now is cool about it.....only stipulation is no 3/4 helmet. Have to get a full-faced. I can handle that though.
As was stated earlier, most people aren't interested. They aren't as excited as you are about it. It has become an obsession now. My 2002 FLHR is due at the dealer at the end of the month. Won't see it until April of next year, but that's alright. Getting back home will be that much sweeter!! Peace and hope your wait is short! J.T.
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