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what to use on black engine

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Anybody got any good stuff to get my engine looking new. I have black powder coat looking kind of faded.Thanks
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S-100 Engine Brightener. I can't believe how well it works.
Pig Spit, Wal-Mart 5.99 can. Works great on chrome and rubber/plastic too.

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Peacekeeper said:
Pig Spit, Wal-Mart 5.99 can. Works great on chrome and rubber/plastic too.

Welcome to the forum....:welcome:
man, I wish the wal-marts around here had the MC section, Pig Spit is $13 a can around here everyplace I've seen!

Oh Yeah, Pig Spit is the stuff!! Despite the price, a can lasts a long time! Best product ever!
S-100 ENGINE BRIGHTENER!!!! Don't waste your time with other stuff for the black paint on the jug fins and crankcase. S-100 is the best and it's the best money spent for the job that it does. I know, everyone has an opinion. Try the S-100 just one time and you will not even bother with anything else.
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i agree with the s100, buy i have also used plain old armorall as a last resort and it work suprisingly well, just a little messy on the chrome...alls i use now is s100 though.....
S100 is the only stuff to use.. It will make your motor look new again..:brows:
1 more vote for the S100 engine brightener...
Well I kept the nice little straw spray tube from S100..but I can buy Sprayway Instant Shine for 4.99 for 11 oz. and trust me it does the same thing.
to repeat the obvious -S100. It's easy and works well.

Drop a line in the "new guy" forum introducing yourself. It's always nice to see new members.
S-100 Engine Brightener
S-100 Engine Brightner

Why bother wasting your money on anything else.........this product is made specifically for keeping your black wrinkle coated engine looking new.


darkknight said:
1 more vote for the S100 engine brightener...
@gree: Add another for S100.
Didn't have any S100 available today so in an inconspicuous place (in the front of the engine near the exhaust, the engine is out of my bike!) I sprayed some Eagle One, Wet Tire Shine on a foam paint brush. It looks pretty good for the lousy lighting in the garage.

But I'm glad I found this thread as I need to do the entire engine.

I just ran out of the brake cleaner that I used to clean the grease and grime off the hidden areas. (you'd be surprised to see how much is around the oil filter are, including the voltage regulator and wires) Any other products I should consider to degrease these parts?

There is a link somewhere on the Forum that will get you a free sample of Simple Green Aircraft cleaner. It will take off the grease without damaging alumunium parts. It took a couple of weeks to get mine. They will send you a full size bottle..:yikes:
Found the link...:eek: few years ago Simple Green was banned from aircraft use by FAA because it was found to cause alluminum to oxidize if it wasn't rinsed off in a reasonable ammount of time. I had heard some of the guys here having the same problem with un-coated alloy wheels when they used it. They came out with a new specialty Aircraft formula now that would also be just the ticket for Fat Boy and other non-plated alloy wheels and probably the entire engine.

Anyhow, a pilot buddy sent me this link and I filled it out. I waited until I got my sample (full size bottle, came yesterday) to pass this on to be sure it was real.

Click here and fill out
Looks like the link didn't follow, Look in the forum in the bike cleaning section...
As others have said S 100 is the way to go
Ok, I'm the oddball here. I've used WD-40 for 15 or so years now. I've tried the S100 Engine stuff and it works fine, and it smells just like WD-40.
I’d like to try the S-100 engine brighter. Any tips for applying it ?
How long does it stay on, or do you hose it off afterwards.
Any overspray on the paint & chrome will wash off easily.
Thanks for your suggestions…
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