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That is pretty neat. I like the 2-1 (I guess) exits just after driver side front tire. Someone know what it is? This thread is current so someboby gotta know.

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I really like it. I also like the frame on the outside. Keeps it looking very mechanical. Man that would be a fun project here during our 6 months of winter! Wonder if you would be forced to wear a helmet in helmet states or if it would be considered a car type vehicle.

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I think the original Morgans had great big J.A.P. v-twins out front. Hood (bonnet) was held down with leather straps. I think it was Car and Driver that tested one back in the 60s. Said the ride was "like going to hell in a Waring blender".

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It's a TwinTech vehicle..

Here is a link - http://www.twintechcars.com/

Estimated price is around 50k, which is pretty high for what you get.

Here are the specs...


* Full "Solid Model" engineering design
* 1 3/4" swept tube chassis
* Oval tube control arms
* Billet aluminum uprights
* Billet aluminum brake calipers and rotor hats
* S&S Cycle 124 cu. in. V-Twin engine
* Hewland sequential shift transaxle
* 17 x 7.5 Kosel forged wheels
* 17" Goodyear F1 tires
* Sparco Evo seats


Weight: 1120 lbs.
Distribution: 50/50
Wheelbase: 95"
Track: frt - 61", rr - 60"
Engine: S&S 124
Power: 125 hp
Torque: 125 ft. lb.

0 to 60 mph: 4.5 sec.
Skidpad: 1.1g
60 to 0 mph: 108 ft.
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