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Line up some tinnies for the group, this rounds on me.. or what ever their drinkin.


I have heard a lot about the stage I and stage II kits (or upgrades). What is each of these? What sort of mods are done?

I did look around to see if this had been posted before but only found references to it, no detail.

From what I could gather stage I was:
Better air intake / air filter assembly
Exhaust to reduce the back pressure
for the Carbs, re jetting.
for EFI's re program for the above changes
Is this correct???

Stage II: I figured to be more internal engine mods???
Anything specific, or is that an individual thing.

I have ordered a Road King Classic (not due until the spring) and have spent a fair amount of time looking around this forum trying to work out what I will do with it (other than ride) if anything. I have heard a lot of different comments and learnt a lot during the process. :D

I am thinking already about the handlebars and seat, but I figure I will try it out and see how I feel after a few months on the road.


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I thought stage 11 also included bigger pistons (95") from HD, also listed in the catalog.

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On an EVO Stage II is Exhaust , Air Cleaner, Cam, Ign. Module Carb rejet or change and coil.

There is no opinion involved. Get to your catalogue and the Stages are spelled out in the Screamin' Eagle Performance section for Twin Cams....EVO's, and Sportsters.

Each Stage after I has two types...one for torque and one for horsepower.

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