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I am thinking of selling my 06 FXSTBI NightTrain was wondering what you guys thought it might pull in. I was unable to find anything for sale that matched my bike. I am still not sure whether I want to sell, just trying to get an idea. The bike runs stronger than the dyno seems to indicate, I smoked my buddy with a dealer installed HTCC full setup.

Bike Mods:
95" 10.25:1 upgrade
Andrews 44 cams
Compression releases (Stock heads)
Power Commander with custom map & Dyno
SE Clutch Spring
SE High Flow Air Cleaner
V&H Big Radius
Detach Sissy Bar w/pad
HD Street Slammer Bars with internal wiring
Memphis Shades Demon Windshield
Custom Taillight
2" Lowering Kit
3" Joker Forward Control Extensions
ISO Grips and pegs
5400 miles (2400 since engine mods)

If anyone might have an idea of what this bike might go for, please let me know.

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I`m sorry to say you probally wont get as much as you hope. The used Harley market is flooded with use bikes for sale. The day`s of getting what you paid for it are long gone. I had a dealer tell me that if I was to trade in my bike I might as well take off everything I put on it and part it out. They are going to go by NADA book in their back pocket. Maybe you will get lucky and find someone that is looking for a bike like yours with all the mods. Just my 2 cents.
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