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What happened to the sweet chrome new wheels?

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Went down to the local Harley dealer to look the line over. All the big baggers had the older type wheels for the spoked bikes. I asked the guy about the new smooth bitchen looking wheel Harley came out with and he told me they stopped production on all the rounded smooth style for good.

Anyone know about this? I just bought a brand new pair for my Street Glide off Ebay.

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not sure my local dealer has 2 06 bike there with them on it.....I'll ask when i head up there next time....
They still show up as an option on the Moco website.
A guy that I work with ordered an RK Classic with the profile wheels. The MoCo sent him a letter telling him that the wheels will no longer be avalible. No whys, whats,how come,or anything else,just sorry you can't have the wheels you wanted.
Can someone post some pictures of what has been discontinued and what the MoCo has replaced them with.
While checking out the new bikes, I wuz lookin at the 'profile laced' wheels and noticed where the spoke is introduced into the rim, there wuz quite a gap showing. Like the spoke wuz being pulled off of center of the hole drilled into the rim.. Looked to me like a lot of road debris could get into the wheel.....I looked at 5 or 6 models and they were all similar......
Someone on a different forum said the moco had under estimated the demand for the wheels. They still offer them for the Dyna and Softail line, but stopped offering them on the baggers due to manufacturing capabilities. Don't know if this is true,
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