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What happened to the Ride of the Month?

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Are there any plans to revive it?
I like looking at what people have done to their bikes.

Well . . . that and I have also had my cycle painted and added some extras ($5940 worth).
Either way I'll be posting some pictures of my Electra Glide.
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It went away because it became a bitch fest.

If someone wanted to step up and restart it, it maybe could happen. I would make one change. There would be some rules added along the lines of stopping all the thread crapping. 30 day camp tickets for bitching or going OT.
Seems like a lot of bitch fest on here , some are very opinionated
I guess we have to ask big T , Thermadore , also he is the master of all troll killers (LOL), but that’s his thing
Anything in regards to the forum U are the man
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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