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For what its worth, I installed the Reduced Reach Control Kit.
I had a problem with my heels dragging before the pegs. The accessory catalog advertised that these were 1” higher (Which I was looking for.) and 1” to the rear. Its closer to ¾”. But what it doesn’t say is that it’s almost an inch wider. (Which gets you away from the exhaust.) I also added the Slotted Pegs.
This kept my heels from hitting first, but the pegs seem to drag at the same lean angle. (Wider) The new position took a couple days of getting use to. Seemed a little cramped. I’m 5’11”. But you compensate by moving your feet out to the end of the pegs. Depending on the angle you set the pegs can effect the air to your feet. Prior to installing the kit I had to keep my feet planted solidly on the pegs after 80 MPH or the wind would blow them off. Now it’s closer to 100 MPH.
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