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What engine is in your FXR?

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I have an Evo....
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Evo with some mild mods: SE heads, SE tappets, SE ignition module and coil, Andrews EV27 cam.
Early 84 FXR. From the factory with one of the first Evo's made. Crane cam, Crane adjustable pushrods, heads doflowed by local indie, Mikuni 40 mill carb, single fire, dual Dyna coil inginition, pipes forget the brand.
86 evo 11:1 early se2cam heads myself S&S g Thunderheader bandit clutch andrews gears ect my 95hp street rat
evo, completely stock i am assuming. as i bought it used and have yet to tear into the motor. oh except for the s&s super e, k&n filter, and drags.
'93 Evo with 43K on it.
Modded CV
White Bros E-Pipe
Unknown cam

'92 Evo 44'Km
CV mods
K&N filter
V&H 2-1
Unknown cam, but V-Thunder 3010 + new lifters ready to go in.
Mine is a bone stock '86 Evo....Give me a little while and that will change.
91 FXRT, stock engine, Mikuni carb. Just got it about 2 months ago, had 6923 miles on it when I bought it. Planed winter mods include a port job, 9.5 C.R. pistons, either an Andrews EV27 or 46 cam, new style HD lifters, new cam bearing, Crane ignition and a Supertrapp or White Bros E pipe 2 into 1.
1988 FXRS-Sp. Mikuni 40, Andrews EV27, Kerker-H-D exhaust. Built for low-end grunt, 2K-4K RPM. Dyno @ 68 HP, 86.8 TQ
1985 (first year FXR came with belt drive) has 80 inch Evo with Crane cam, Crane singlefire ignition, S&S E carb, White Brothers E pipe, and Barnett Heavy Duty clutch. Had it Dynoed and it puts out 82.5 HP with 80 ft/lbs torque. I have Progressive suspension shocks in the rear and Race Tech springs up front with cartridge emulaters and a fork brace. Avon Super Venoms (150 in rear and 100 in front). Performance machine calipers with Lindell Race pads for stopping. It handles as sweet as it runs. I've done all the work myself, so if you have any tech questions, I'd be glad to try and answer them.

Party on FXR riders!
Hey Cainpole. What # Crane cam are you running? How many disks in the E pipe? Are you using the stock rear wheel with that 150 Avon or an aftermarket wheel? Did you have to do any mods, frame, fender etc, to get tire clearance?
Hey goat, it has the fireball 316 cam. The rear wheel is stock. I had to put a 3/8" spacer between the pulley and the wheel to clear the belt (barely). It slightly rubs the tire when you are pushing the bike but clears the tire when riding. I also had to put a thicker axel washer and remove the chrome pulley cover to clear the swingarm. It's all in there tight, but works fine. No mods to fender. I didn't lower the rear end, so it doesn't sit up in the fender very far. Also, if you are going for the White Brothers E pipe, order extra disks. I'm running 14 on mine. That pipe really made a difference in HP after tuning it on the Dyno.
1987 Evo with Delkron cases, EV-27, mild port & polish, Crane Hi-4, open BDL primary going to a FL 6-speed.

Built for distance, rather than speed.
'84 Evo(The Beginning of Evolution)
FXR's last year of chain drive and the dry clutch design

Over 60K miles...but starts, runs, and performs like(or better than) a new machine.

S&S Super E carb
S&S Cam
Non-baffled straights

Mated to factory 5-speed
1988 fxrs 42k
S&S super e with thunder jet, andrews ev5 cam, zippers P&P, dyna ignition
fun bike
80in. EVO, EV-46 cam, Dyna 2000i, Crane single fire coil, S&S Super E, Supertrapp 2-1 w/7 discs & open end cap.
Dyno tuned 79 hp, 84 ft. lbs.

With 230 lb rider best time 12.81 @ 103
1983 FXRS - Shovelhead. Bone stock, motor has never been touched.

Dave Swanson
1983 FXRS
1969 FLH
1964 XLCH
1956 KHK
90 fxrs-sp with about 45k miles . mikuni hsr42 v+h short shots .dont know about the cam as ive not been in there yet !!! but it goes well .next on the list is a decent set of heads and maybe ignition and coil .oh and plenty of reading to see what i can do with the back end wheel and tyre wise .
1984 FXRS Early 84 EVO 10:1 Piston S&S CARB Mild Head Work Screamin Eagle Igniton Super Coil
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