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Business Ideas:

What if there was an application for pet hotels? An expedia for pets. People spend crazy amounts of money on their pets.
What if people driving cars could communicate with each other? What if they could talk as if the other person was sitting right next to them? It would be a convenient way of letting other drivers know there is a cop 2 miles down the road.
What if an application (that everyone trusted) could estimate the damages of property on the spot? No more calling out an estimator to look at the damage. A smart phone with access to millions of records could do a decent job at estimating home/car/asset damages and repair costs.
What if there was an application that determined the trust of an individual more accurately? There would be no more required down payments or businesses having to make up space for people that don't show for a reservation, etc. What if all reservations were booked through a single portal with reviews of each person?
What if there was a way for businesses to create virtual rooms that made employees feel like they are not in an office? An employee could enter a virtual conference room to program code, and it could feel like the individual is on a wonderful beach in the Cayman Islands.
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